Downloading Ubuntu Desktop Edition:

  1. Using your web browser, navigate to
  2. Select the architecture of your processor (32 or 64 bit).
  3. Click “Start download”. A pop up window opens, prompting you where to run or save the file.
  4. In Internet Explorer, click Run to automatically open the installation file in a CD burning utility or click Save to save the file to your disk. In Mozilla Firefox, select Open with to open the installation file in a CD burning utility or select Save File to save the file to your disk.

After downloading the Ubuntu installation CD image, you need to burn it to a CD or DVD. See BurningIsoHowto for detailed instructions on burning ISO disk images.

Burning the installation disk to a CD or DVD:

  1. Place a recordable CD or DVD into your CD/DVD drive.
  2. Load an application that is capable of burning .ISO image files to CDs or DVDs.
  3. Using your CD and DVD writing program, copy the disk image to your blank CD or DVD.

Installing Ubuntu

Ubuntu can be installed with the graphical CD. Make sure that your computer is set to boot from a CD before a hard drive.

  1. Insert the Ubuntu disc into your CD drive.
  2. Start or restart your computer. The Language screen appears. If you reboot your computer and do not see the language selection screen (seen below without the option to try without installing), please refer to BootFromCD.install-step1.png
  3. Select your desired language and click Install Ubuntu 10.04 LTS. The Where are you?window appears.install-step2.png
  4. Select the location closest to your location and click Forward. The Keyboard layoutwindow appears.install-step3.png
  5. If the Suggested option is not correct, select the correct keyboard layout. Click Forward. The Allocate drive spacewindow appears.
  6. For installing Ubuntu over your entire hard drive, then Select Erase disk and install Ubuntuand select the hard drive to install Ubuntu there. install-step4a.pngClick Forward.

WARNING: Installing Ubuntu on your entire hard disk will erase all data that is currently on the drive.


  1. If you want to install Ubuntu on a single partition Dual Booting, Select Guided – resize. In the New partition size area, drag the area between the two partitions to create your desired partition sizes. Click Forward.install-step4b.png
  1. The Who are you?window appears.install-step5.png
  2. Enter the requested information, and click Forward. The Ready to installwindow appears.install-step6.png
  3. Verify that the language, layout, location, and personal information are correct and click Install. The installation wizard begins.install-step7.png
  4. When the installation wizard finishes, the Installation completewindow appears.install-step8.pngClick Restart now to restart your computer. Ubuntu is now installed.


If the install process fails, trying the alternate (text-based) installer is recommended. The screens during installation are in old-school graphics, but the system installed is similar.
The alternate ISO (as well as the regular ones) can be downloaded here.


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