A Campaign against online shopping frauds

Rightly said “Justice delayed is Justice denied“. I am filling this petition to seek justice for the customers who have been cheated by the iluvshopping.in (www.iluvshopping.in) online shopping website. The advancement in internet technology has also given space to some of the online shopping frauds in the current technological scenario.

iluvshopping.in (www.iluvshopping.in) claims to be an e-commerce website – an online shopping site from where customers can buy products. In the last 3-4 month there is a rise in the customers who have been cheated by this site. Their products were neither delivered nor their money were refunded. They are not only cheating money from customers but are playing with their faith. When being contacted through mails, they generally ignore their mails and when they reply they give some lame excuses with lots of bullshit lies. Their IVRS contact number +91 9323 001 002 is fake which never works. Even customers tried calling Amrit Talreja, Founder of iluvshopping.in and Owner of The Mobile Station on his contact number +(91)-9819020690, 7666911911 but it failed. They have put their customers number in reject list.

I too had the same bitter experience with this site. When I checked their Facebook page here https://www.facebook.com/iluvshopping.in?filter=2 I found similar cases there in last four months. Mr. Amrit Talreja and their team has shown very nasty behavior towards their customers by blocking their number and telling lies to them. Their acts are unforgettable. It is my sincerest request to you to please help us in spreading awareness among the customers and drawing attention of competent authorities against this online shopping website and help the victim customers through refund of their money along with the compensation.

Many of the complaints have been removed anonymously from the FB page of this site. However I am able to pick some.

Some comments from the victim customers:

Abhishek Singh I totally, support Mr Satyen Chimulkar. Whatever he says and experienced is true. I too had the same bitter experience with this site. I placed my order on October 19, 2013 1:02:36 PM IST) – a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 16 GB, 3G, Wifi (Titanium Silver) through iluvshopping.in . It has been more than 100 days and till now they haven’t delivered the product. After some 20 days from my order date,  I asked for refund of my money but they always gave some excuse and said tha they are facing technical problem. It will be refunded soon, but I haven’t received it till today. It’s more than 100 days. Their contact number is fake number which never works and they are not replying to my mails properly. Once or twice they reply and they will make some excuses like we have suffering from some technical issue or your refund process has been started and you will receive it in 5-7 days. But till now I haven’t received my money.

Satyen Chimulkar Its a fake website.
I posted yesterday about how manty true buyers have actually used the site.
But my post has been deleted unanimously and i had been replied last night at 12:59 am that item out of stock wherein i had a mail it was shipped out from inventory through dtdc courier.
How many people have faced such things???…

Joe Prakash ILuvShopping didnt repond my mail and phone calls.The product deliver day is only 3-5 days.but still they didnt ship the product.Mr.Satyen please help me?…

Joe Prakash they are cheeted the customers.fake website


 I am still wondering how these frauds are running their cheap business. Is Cyber crime-cell, other competent laws and authorities in India are so lame? I seek an answer..

This world is bad because good people like you are not acting against bad.

 It’s time for a change now. A change that can be brought by us.Let’s make this world a peaceful place a world free of frauds, a world of faith, a world of belief that’s all I want and I guess it’s the same with you..

Please sign this petition to bring justice to victims of iluvshopping.in and to draw attentions of competent authorities in India to make stricter laws against such crimes and keep checks of such fraud shopping sites.

Petition link : http://www.change.org/en-IN/petitions/consumer-court-and-cyber-crime-department-take-strict-action-against-iluvshopping-in