Learn IT Girl

It’s quite exciting that I have been selected as a mentor in Learn IT Girl program. I will be mentoring a girl student from Romania in learning Python language and eventually guiding her in creating an open source application.

“Learn IT, Girl!” is an international mentorship program, which means that every woman accepted as a scholar will be guided by an international mentor.

AimTo help women learn a programming language while doing an awesome project!
Any woman irrespective of their age can apply to become a scholar, as long as they want to learn a programming language. The mentors will help them to learn by trying things out, they will give them resources, answer their questions, and help them understand how coding works. To make it a bit more fun, the mentors and the scholars will be from different countries.
It’s a three month program (17th Nov, 2014 – 8th Feb, 2015) where scholars will work on their project in collaboration with their mentors. The projects will be hosted on GitHub, so the scholars will also learn how to handle Open Source projects. In time, if their programs become popular, more people will offer to help them with their projects, so the scholars will also have a chance to become team leaders as well.

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