Downloading Youtube Videos Using Terminal

I was just wondering how to download Youtube videos using terminal and I got a solution to it which I am going to share with you.It’s quite simple just download an application called youtube-dl.

Installing youtube-dl:

$sudo apt-get install youtube-dl

Now for downloading youtube videos use command as:

$youtube-dl (full url of video)

enjoy watching youtube vidoes 🙂 🙂


Authentication Token Error!

May be you have often came across this error when you have tried to change Password of a user even though you are logged in as root user or error like can’t change read only file when you tried to change the permission of a read only file even though you are root user but you are not able to change permissions on a file,this sounds quite different as root user has all the privileges.
Well here is the solution to this…

Login as root user and use this command:

$mount -rw -O remount /

This will work!Here basically you are remounting your ‘/’ directory giving read and write permission on it. 🙂